About Me

Hi there!Kasandrea Sereno

My name is Kasandrea and I am a higher education advisor and consultant.

I am passionate about education in all forms and encouraging others to achieve their dreams. I have a company where I get to help people go to college. And its the best job I have ever had.

I am passionate about social media, education, marketing and brand management, and love helping companies and colleges leverage these to reach their audiences.  I have an allergy to incompetence and a drive to make things bigger and better.  I am mommy to the cutest pup on the planet, and an aggressively affectionate polydactyly cat.

I’m fond of Chipotle, caramel macchiatos, and traveling (although not necessarily in that order).

I’m a Twitter addict, lover of Pinterest and Instagram, and often post cool links to Tumblr, Google+, and ScoopIt. I enjoy blogging and meeting cool people who want to do big things. You can see my work on SlideShare or Prezi.

If you’d like to connect try LinkedIn, Facebook, carrier pigeon, or the old fashioned way: KasandreaSereno@gmail.com

I’m available for talks and consulting projects and always happy to meet bright people with great ideas.

Life is too short to be anything less than awesome….